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Phenomenal Products through Exceptional Chemical Ingenuity

Engenium Chemicals Corp is a merger of Brine-Add Fluids Ltd. and Synerchem International Inc.  Merged in 2011, the combination of the two companies brings over 40 years of Industry experience to Engenium. 



Engenium Chemicals’ commitment to teamwork results in the effective collaboration of Research and Development, Sales, Manufacturing, Quality Control and Customer Service.  Through communication and continuous input from the various corporate teams, our product base has continued to expand, meeting the sales and marketing requirements of our customers.  The communication extended between our corporate teams is a key element of our customer service.  Our principal commitment to our customers is to provide technically advanced quality products based on evolving industrial demands.

In order to meet the above obligations, we have:



The result is a technical advantage we are able to offer our customers to meet market challenges.  To this end, we have become extensively involved in various mining and petroleum industry activities such as:



Exposure to these various sectors has resulted in an unparalleled technical comprehension of industry challenges.  This understanding has allowed an exchange of ideas and products between various industrial activities which otherwise would not have occurred.  Engenium offers Phenomenal Products through Exceptional Chemical Ingenuity.

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